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The difference between a humidifier and air purifier
humidifier and air purifier,humidifier and air purifier

 There are two options for customers when they buy equipment that cleans the air humidifier and air purifier. But most users are easily confused between two products when there is no specific guidance on the functions and features of our activities.

Lan (Hoang Mai - Hanoi) asked: I want to buy an air cleaning device in the house but did not know how to choose. Sales staff consultant made me see a humidifier and air purifier nothing different except the name. Please distinguish two kinds of Watches products.
The market has offered equipment can just filter the air humidity.
Consumer Electronics answer:
Basically, the structure and operation of air humidifier and air purifier completely different. However, these devices now have integrated both functions and this air purifier has just added moisture.
Humidifier is a device for adding moisture to the air in the room where the humidity is low. Humidity saturation will bring fresh air, easier to bring more benefits to the skin and respiratory system of humans, especially in winter.
Each of the humidifier can only create a space for moisture is adequate area around it and to diffuse all over the extra fan to blow this away moisture. Principle of operation of this machine is to use high frequency sound waves leap into the water vapor molecules and nanoscale blown into the air as fog.
Having a humidifier benefits that not many people know that it is contributing to the room temperature in cold weather. Humidity will cause saturation at higher temperatures. This helps cut energy costs.
What air purifier is a device that functions remove some dirt and micro-sized contaminant in the air like some kind of flu virus, pollen, by suction, filter and keep dust which by standard HEPA filter dust layer or layers of activated charcoal. Dust filters in various sizes to suit different room area.
The market has two types of air filters are electronic filters and mechanical filters and the machine is suitable for people prone to allergies or a history of asthma. After the air enters the machine will be purged and return air cleaner, and can eliminate some odors such as cigarette smoke or smell mold, ...
There are already some machines can take on both the above functions, providing additional moisture to the air, and can filter out dust and smoke to create the fresh air as possible.
Good choice you soon get the air cleaning equipment accordingly.
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